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2019 RAM 1500 vs 2019 GMC Sierra

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The 2019 RAM 1500 Tradesman and 2019 GMC Sierra are both a couple of the newest pickup trucks to come out. The RAM became available earlier this year, in the spring, while the Sierra just became available recently. Despite them being new, they are already being compared and tested to see which one is one of the most superior trucks of the year. Here are the three main factors that set them apart as trucks.

Cost to Own

The RAM's price alone is a huge deal maker for some when comparing it to the GMC. The RAM can cost a little over 30 thousand dollars, according to the manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP). That is without all of the extra bells and whistles. The estimated buying price is almost 500 dollars per month.

The GMC, on the other hand, is more expensive with the MSRP starting at over 45 thousand dollars, without extras as well. Monthly, the estimated buying price is nearly 700 dollars per month. That is 60% more than the RAM, making the RAM the more cost-friendly choice.

Towing Capacity

When getting a pickup, the towing capacity should be one of the top features that determine the buying choice, especially if you are planning on towing a large amount of weight. In this aspect, the RAM is the winner of the competition.

The GMC's power can tow, at maximum, 12 thousand pounds. The RAM beats it by several hundred, though. With its V-6 engine, the RAM can tow up to 12,750 pounds total, making it perfect for towing heavy or large trailers, large campers, or even a large car. With the extra towing capacity, less time can be spent concerned if the truck will be strong enough to handle the weight of the tow and still be reliable during the drive.

Customer Rating

Listening to expert reviews can help drastically when deciding if a truck is worth the price or the towing capacity. The experts have decided that the RAM is, once again, the superior, though it was close.

Using a scale of 1 to 10, both trucks were rated based on style, performance, comfort & quality, features, and gas mileage. Usually, they are also rated by safety but seeing as the trucks are still new, the safety ratings are unavailable. When considering all of these factors, the expert customer rating of the RAM reached a 5.8 out of 10 while the GMC got just below it, earning a 5.6 out of 10. Hopefully, the safety results will be available soon to finalize the score, but for now, the RAM is the winner.

If you want to take a look at either truck, come and stop by the dealership for a test drive. See for yourself how the 2019 RAM 1500 Tradesman is compared to the 2019 GMC Sierra.

* MSRP excludes destination, taxes, title and registration fees. Starting at price refers to the base model, optional equipment not included. A more expensive model may be shown. Pricing and offers may change at any time without notification. To get full pricing details, see your dealer.